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False: Photo shows Vladimir Putin reading a book by ousted Pakistan PM Khan
A doctored photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been shared thousands of times in social media posts that falsely claim it shows him reading a book written by the ousted Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan. But the image has been digitally altered from a photo of Putin holding a book about the development and growth of Russia. (Source: afp)


Misleading: Temperature graph is evidence against climate crisisPosts viewed millions of times on social media reproduce a graph that they say shows global temperatures are lower than at most times over the past 10,000 years and that this proves humans are not causing climate change. The claim is misleading and has been widely debunked: the graph doesn't show global temperatures but readings from an ice core in Greenland, and its data end in the 19th century -- before the human-driven heating of recent decades. (Source: afp)

False: A graph from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration displaying land and ocean temperatures over the last eight years shows that the Earth has been cooling, not warming, proving that global warming from carbon emissions is a hoax.
Social media users are misrepresenting a small portion of a graph from NOAA to support the erroneous claim that global temperatures are falling rather than rising, meaning global warming is not real. (Source: apnews)

#Climate change

Flawed Reasoning.: Climate changed naturally in prehistoric eras, modern climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon
Other variables, such as orbital, solar and tectonic variations, contributed to climate change in earth’s geological history. However, these processes do not vary sufficiently fast to explain the rate of modern warming. Climate scientists study all potential causes of climate change by investigating the individual climatic influence of these different variables. (Source: science_feedback)

False: "Climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can be tracked throughout prehistoric eras."
Though orbital variations have caused Earth’s climate to change in the past, scientists have concluded changes to the planet’s climate are too drastic to be caused naturally. The scientific community consensus is that large amounts of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere through human activity have caused climate change. (Source: politifact)


Norge er blant landene med lavest arbeidsledighet, men vi ligger ikke aller lavest.: Vi har Europas laveste ledighet.
I debatten mot Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde (H) sa han at Norge har den laveste arbeidsledigheten i Europa.
De seneste tallene er fra november 2022:Som grafen viser, er Norge blant landene i Europa med lavest ledighet.
Norge har heller ikke hatt den laveste ledigheten i Europa i noen av de foregående månedene. Stortingsrepresentant Aukrust skriver til Faktisk.no at han burde sagt «blant de laveste», fremfor «laveste». (Source: faktisk)

Misvisende: Vaccine-direktørs “indrømmelse” er en storm i et glas vand
Moderna var i gang med at udvikle en vaccine mod SARS-CoV-2 allerede i januar 2020. Og det var de vel at mærke, inden virussen overhovedet var navngivet. Det kan man høre Modernas administrerende direktør, Stéphane Bancel, bekræfte i en video, der deles på sociale medier i både i (Source: tjekdet)

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